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Full-service team of attorneys servicing clients in the following areas: Taunton, New Bedford, South Coast of Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

At the Botelho Law Group we have different attorneys, with different specializations; to help your case is individual needs. When choosing a lawyer or law firm, one size does not fit all, for this reason, we employ a number of attorneys and legal professionals who are equipped to handle any situation that may arise. Many legal issues that arise for our clients have overlapping matters in different areas of law. Maybe during your divorce, it would be better if you filed bankruptcy to handle your financial situations; in a case such as this, we can service all your needs. It’s this type of full-service that allows us to best represent our clients and all their legal needs.

  • Bankruptcy Cases Filed
  • Family Law Cases
  • Personal Injury Settlements
  • Criminal Cases
  • Social Security Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Estates and Wills

At the Botelho Law Group we have a diverse staff which is experienced in several different specialization areas of law, to handle any of your legal needs.

Full service law office staff

We are here to fight for your rights and to represent you in a manner that obtains the best possible outcome for our clients.

Bankruptcy - Chapters 7 & 13
Bankruptcy is a very scary term to most people and completely misunderstood by even more. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcies is by no means giving up, instead you’re giving yourself a fresh start. Most people do not see bankruptcy as it is, a financial tool to provide you the resources to get your life back on track with a fresh start. Every clients financial situation is different, which is why we will determine which chapter under the US bankruptcy code would best suit your particular financial situation and afford you the best possible outcome.
Family Law - Divorce, Child Custody & Support
Family Law issues such as divorce, child custody and child support, can be very difficult issues to face and even harder to win without the right legal representation. This area of law demonstrates that one size does not fit all, depending on your particular situation you may require the use of it attorney simply to draft up your documents if the two parties are being civil and cooperative with each other, there is no reason for high legal fees in such a situation, and we have an attorney on staff to handle such a situation. But if you’re in a position that you need an attorney to fight for your rights, we have a different attorney that is focused primarily on litigation of such matters. There is no reason for you to pay high legal fees in Family Court if both parties can cooperate, but if you need an attorney that will fight for your rights, we have the staff to handle that situation and anything in between.
Personal Injury - Accidents, Malpractice, Dog Bites
Personal Injury is a specialized area of law in which we represent our clients interests, after they’ve been hurt by another or her on another’s property. Our three primary focus areas in personal injury law are automobile accidents, medical malpractice and injuries occurring on another’s property. You need a law firm that is willing to fight the insurance companies and other law firms for a settlement that will place you in the best financial position possible, after you have been harmed by another. At the Botelho Law Group, you will not be just another file, instead you’ll be matched with a specific attorney and staff to handle your matter from beginning to end. The larger personal injury law firms are simply working off of volume and wish to settle your case as quickly as possible, usually not in your best interest. At the Botelho Law Group we will fight to get everything that you deserve.
Estate Law- Planning, Wills & Trusts
Estate Planning, such as Wills, Trusts and complex Estate Planning is something that most people do not think about until it’s too late. Getting the right estate planning attorney is critical in protecting the assets you have worked a lifetime for into a sure that when you pass, those assets are passed on to the family and friends of your choosing.
Criminal Law - Misdemeanors, Felonies, Infractions
Criminal Law is a very litigation intensive area of law and requires an experienced attorney, who knows the court system and the rules of law at to best represent you in these matters. Good people sometimes make mistakes, those mistakes shouldn’t define the rest of your life. With the representation of a experienced criminal law attorney, you are assured the best possible representation in the best possible outcomes in these difficult situations.
Social Security Law - Benefits & Disability
Social Security Law is a very complicated and mainly understood bureaucratic process of obtaining money due to you for your particular disability through the Social Security Agency. Most people attempt to file for Social Security benefits themselves, and up to 75% of those are denied. Compared to the 85% of people who apply for Social Security benefits with the representation of an experienced attorney are accepted and given Social Security benefits. If you’re either filing for the first time or filing an appeal, have an experienced Social Security attorney representing you, will give you a much higher chance of success in obtaining your benefits.
Immigration Law - Green Cards, Citizenship & Visas
Immigration Law is a specialized practice in which lawyers help those from foreign countries obtain a green card, a visa to remain in the country for educational purposes or to work and even to obtain citizenship to the United States. Depending on your particular situation, it is always best that you consult with an experienced immigration attorney before you plan on moving to the United States, and even more important if you have already done so and are seeking to stay. At the Botelho Law Group, we have experienced immigration attorneys on staff to handle all your immigration needs.
Business Law - Planning, Protection, Liability & Legal Matters
Business Law can be very complicated to those just starting out in business or even those with established businesses. The first step should always be starting either a limited liability company or corporation, which will afford the business owner personal security for their assets and wealth and protect them from any type of litigation that may befall their company. Many people do not realize how financially dangerous it is to run a business, any business, without the protection of forming its own business entity. At the Botelho Law Group we will help you choose the best business entity for your particular business and financial needs. We can also help you through any legal situation that your business may be confronted with in the future.
Land Lord & Tenant Law
Landlord – Tenant Law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are some of the strictest laws in the country in this practice area. It is critical to have an experienced attorney representing you in matters such as evictions and other situations pertaining to the landlord-tenant relationship.  

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The attorneys at Botelho Law group are experienced and professional. Mr Botelho was phenomenal. The rates were reasonable and the service was top notch. Joe and his staff never made me feel uncomfortable if I had any questions big or small. This is an outstanding, results-oriented team. Look no further. Joseph and his team deliver what they promise and fight for you and your rights. I would highly and confidently recommend Botelho Law Group to anyone in need of legal services. Extremely professional group. Quick response time to all your questions, fantastic results. At Botelho Law Group, you are treated as an individual, not a number. Joseph Botelho is the lawyer you need to solve your problems. Highly recommend him!
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