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Eviction Lawyer Fall River

The eviction process can be very complicated and most landlord to attempt to do this on their own make one or more procedural mistakes and have to start over from the beginning. The process of evictions takes long enough as it is, making procedural mistakes not only cost you time, but money. The lawyers at the Botelho Law Group have had over 20 years of experience in evicting tenants and the managing partner Joseph Botelho has owned and managed over 30 apartments and has the legal and practical experience needed to solve your landlord issues. Many attorneys may understand how to fill out the forms for the eviction process, also known as summary process, but few have had the real-world experience of being a landlord and having to deal with these situations on a personal level.

For the majority of residential tenant evictions, we charge only a flat fee which covers all legal fees, service of process fees, filing fees and going to court to litigate your eviction. Some of evictions are simple and some are extremely difficult, do not get caught up in very expensive legal fees by paying a lawyer by the hour, you get the entire eviction for inexpensive flat fee.

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