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Landlord Tenant Lawyer Fall River

The Botelho Law Group handles a variety of legal issues arising in residential and commercial landlord – tenant legal matters primarily for landlords, although we do represent tenants and tenants’ rights issues in Massachusetts. With over 20 years’ experience in handling evictions in Massachusetts Housing Court, District Court and Rhode Island District Court.

Massachusetts is one of the Country’s “most-tenant” friendly states in one of the most difficult for a landlord to assert his rights in. Most Massachusetts landlords soon learn how difficult it is to evict the tenant, considering the Lords all seem to be set up to protect the tenants and afford the landlord limited or no rights, while providing tenants with a numerous forms of protection from addiction. The attorneys at the Botelho Law Group understand the eviction process and know how to litigate against problematic tenants. We understand that you did not invest thousands of your hard-earned dollars to provide housing for tenants who don’t pay, course problems for other tenants or are engaged in some form of drug or other criminal activity. The lawyers at the Botelho Law group will work hard to resolve your case view.

Furthermore, in Massachusetts being a landlord is very difficult and most do not understand the complex procedural formalities that will landlords must go through to legally protect themselves. Not only will our lawyers help you through the complexities of evicting a tenant, we will also provide our clients services such as drafting leases, helping with tenant screening issues and making sure you run your property legally, as to not fall victim to the many laws that are in place to protect tenants and unjustly prejudiced landlords.

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