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Tenants’ Rights Lawyer Fall River

Massachusetts is one of the most tenant friendly states in the United States. If your landlord attempts to evict you from where you’re living, they must follow an extremely difficult road to eviction or they risk violating tenants rights, which has extremely high penalties in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Not only do we defend tenants who are being evicted, but we also litigate for tenants’ rights who are being discriminated against or if your landlord is not properly taking care of one of their obligations such as pest infestations such as bedbugs or fleas, another tenant who is constantly disturbing you or not repairing the property or appliances in your apartment.

If you feel you are being discriminated against for one of the many protected groups in Massachusetts, we can sue your landlord for discrimination. There are a number of protected categories in Massachusetts which that if you are treated differently because of being a member of one of these groups, you have the right to sue for discrimination. The lawyers at the Botelho Law Group have years of experience in representing tenants who have been discriminated against by their landlords.

As we previously stated, the eviction or summary process procedure in Massachusetts is extremely specific and difficult, which most landlord attempting to evict you on their own usually make one or a number of mistakes. In these mistakes is where it’s easiest to obtain leverage against your landlord during the eviction process. Our lawyers know how look for these mistakes and to to take advantage of these mistakes, giving you more time to move or leverage against your landlord.

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